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SHE (Self Help Enterprise)
is a not-for-profit organization focused on women’s welfare in rural parts of India, providing women with the training and support to produce exquisite Kantha pieces for people world-over.

Kantha was used to sew several layers of old cotton tatters (using old handloom saris or dhotis) together to make quilts, centuries ago. Women created their own patterns inspired by the environment and the epics, and sewed these on to the wads, using their inherent artistry. What began here hundreds of years ago is today the fashion diktat world-over, thanks to the efforts of SHE.

All proceeds from the sale of these items are put back into the welfare of the women and their families, who create these exquisite pieces through education and health care.

Through its activities, SHE makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of rural woman in India, by providing them with the tools that give them financial independence.

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